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Cruising Sails

Cruising sails that are built to go the distance

When you plan to cross oceans, the reliability of your sails is a top priority. Your sails need to be tough enough to stand up to offshore conditions, and durable enough to hold their shape mile after mile, year after year. Which is exactly why blue water sailors consistently choose and recommend Willis Sails for their cruising sails.

Willis Sails cruising sails are:

Custom designed for your individual needs

Whether you sail a production boat or a one-off, your sails should be unique. Your cruising route, sailing style, expectations and priorities can all have an impact on your ‘ideal’ sail.

At Willis Sails, we work closely with you to identify all the things that matter to you, so we can custom design the perfect cruising sail for you.

Built tougher than the average cruising sail

Tough, durable cruising sails let you sail further and for longer, without having to worry about stopping for repairs and maintenance.

At Willis Sails, we take durability to extremes. Oversized corner and reef patches, triple stitching and extra-tough reinforcements on batten pockets and slides are all standard features on Willis cruising sails. Often described as ‘over-engineered’, we find that’s exactly why blue water cruisers love them.

You can also choose from a range of UV protection and anti-mould treatments to further extend the lifespan of your cruising sails.

World-renowned among blue water cruisers

Since 1983, cruisers around the world have chosen Willis Sails to build them cruising sails that perform better and last longer than others. So when it’s time for a new sail, make sure you choose the sailmaker that’s trusted and recommended by some of the toughest customers on the planet.

Cruising sails to fit your budget

If you’re worried about the cost of new sails, you can relax. With a wide range of materials available, we can build you a sail that meets your needs, and matches your budget. And we definitely won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. If you’re better off re-shaping an old sail than buying a new one, we’ll tell you so. Just coastal cruising? That’s fine too – we can work with you to create sails that match your sailing style and budget.

We can also deliver your new cruising sails to you, wherever you are in the world. Just ask.

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