Willis Sails: World class sailmakers

There’s a lot at stake when you choose a sailmaker. The performance and safety of your boat rely heavily on your sails. So too does your ability to sail further, faster and for longer.

Investing in well designed sails, built by a skilled and experienced sailmaker, will ensure you get the most out of your boat, and your budget.

For the last three decades, Willis Sails has been building fast sails that last for cruisers and racers. When Simon Willis started making sails in the Bay of Islands in 1983, he ran a loft where quality of workmanship came first, and every customer was as important as the next. It was this way of working that earned Willis Sails its reputation as one of the world’s top sailmakers.

Today, we continue to build some of the world’s best cruising and racing sails, for customers in New Zealand and around the world. Our fully qualified sailmakers use the latest sailmaking technology to design and build all our sails in house. And our reputation for building long-lasting sails continues to speak for itself.

About Willis Sails